Consumers are powerful

And we want to support businesses that operate ethically and sustainably. Conscience Cart makes it easy.

We look at employee ratings, environmental certifications, diversity and inclusion programs, and surface any red flags.

You get tailored recommendations with links to details about each store's ethic and environmental credentials.

With Conscience Cart, it’s easy to shop your conscience™

Hi, I'm Greg and I am ecstatic that you're here!

Conscience Cart has been an idea of mine for many years. It started because, like so many people, I've had some great jobs and managers, and some not so great. I've worked at some companies that made it a point to treat people honestly and fairly, and some that did not.

I wanted to give shoppers an easy way to find businesses that hold themselves to higher standards, so we can support them. Today, it's really easy to find a business close to you or one with great customer reviews, but finding which ones operate ethically and sustainably is way too hard.

Along the way, I realized that taking care of employees is just the beginning. Businesses can help solve some of our biggest issues. They can choose to operate more sustainably and they can address inequity by hiring and promoting people from underrepresented groups, and so much more.

My goal is to keep making Conscience Cart more useful and I really want to hear your ideas. The app is completely free - I hope you'll check it out!

Thank you for being a part of this.


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